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Rental Terms & Conditions

• Payments are due in ADVANCE.
• 1/2 day rental units must be returned within 4 hours of checkout time or rental is billed at the daily rate.
• Daily rental units must be returned within 24 hours of checkout time and the meter cannot exceed 8 hours or an overdue fee will be applied.

• Overtime is 1/6 the daily rate.
• One week = 7 days or 40 hours on the meter.
• One month = 28 days or 160 hours on the meter.
• Weekend rates are available at 1.5 times the daily rate.

• Customer is to return the unit in cleaned condition or will be charged $94.00 for clean-up fee.

• Liability and physical loss or damage to the equipment is the customer's responsibility.
• All rentals are to be insured by the customer.

• Customer is responsible for all fuel consumed.

Tire wear:
• All excessive tire wear or tire damage will be charged to customer upon return.

• Customer is responsible for checking all fluids and grease daily and returning the equipment cleaned.
• If there are any tire damages the customer will be charged for either repair of tire or full replacement of tire plus any labor required due to damages.

Points, Edges, Teeth:
• All equipment will be shipped with 50% minimum ground engaging tools.
• Units not returned with the same will have additional charges due.

• Customer is responsible for any repairs resulting from lack of service, abuse, or misuse.
• Abuse includes, but is not limited to, operating machine while low on ANY lubricants or coolant, oil pressure, excessive fuel pressure, or dirty filters.
• Customer is responsible for stopping operation anytime machine overheats, loses pressure or loses prime.
• Failure of any shutdown system does not alleviate customer's responsibility.

• Customer has the option to pick up and return the equipment by his own facilities, by the common carrier or by Aldrich Tractor, Inc., if we are available.
• Freight will be charged from the point of origin to job site with return to point of origin.

Rates subject to change without notice.